What’s In It For Me?

Spinning Our Wheels

By remembering to use one simple little phrase, we can all be much more effective in everything we do.

Great Example of a Bad Customer Process


A terrific example of an organizational process that’s completely ineffective—and infinitely frustrating for the customer.

3 Ways to Quickly Fix Online Advertising


Advertisers and content-sharing sites need to get their acts together and think about the people consuming their content. Here are three ways to pivot from failure to success.

Easily Fix for Your iPhone’s Cracked Screen

Broken—But Not Totalled.

Here’s how to quickly and effectively replace your cracked iPhone screen.

Thanks to a Bunch of Pebbles, I’m ‘Cutting the Cord’


A real world story about how one company used time—and bad business decisions—to demolish this customer’s loyalty.

Pandabar Enhances Your Pandora Mac Listening Experience


Pandabar is an awesome Mac menu bar app that helps improve—and simplify—your Pandora listening experience.

Double the Value of Your ‘Segmentation’


“Segmentation” is one of the more important things for business people, especially marketers, to consider in their daily jobs. Learn how you can double the value of those efforts.

Why QR Codes Suck——And How to Fix Them

out of order

It’s not just enough to build cool widgets. You need to consider how people are going to use them to achieve true success.


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